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Learn about a vaccination option from Pfizer

Adults 65 or older are
at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia

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Terry Bradshaw

All About Your BoomTM

With a little help from the exuberant Terry Bradshaw,
the All About Your BoomTM campaign shows people
65 or older how pneumococcal pneumonia could disrupt
their lives. Terry pitches his new fictitious timeshare
property, Bradshaw World, to some potential guests
who are surprised by the very unusual amenities.

About Pneumococcal Pneumonia

Even if you are healthy, adults 65 or older are at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia, a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that can disrupt your life for weeks. It can strike anywhere, anytime and may start quickly with little warning. Pneumococcal pneumonia should not be taken lightly. In fact, adults 65 or older are over 10x more likely to be hospitalized with pneumococcal pneumonia than adults 18-49.

Help protect yourself. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if vaccination is right for you.


About Terry Bradshaw

You don’t have to know football to know Terry Bradshaw. After winning four championships, Terry’s been a presence on the big and small screens for more than forty years with his larger-than-life, fun-loving personality. But one thing Terry never jokes about—his health.

“I’m a busy guy and I like to be. Pneumococcal pneumonia could sideline me for weeks and stop me from living the
life I love.”

Your boom is your energy—which helps you pursue lifelong dreams and explore new passions. For Terry, keeping healthy drives his boom so he can live life to the fullest. And that includes helping people know the risks of pneumococcal pneumonia and importance of vaccination so they can keep booming too.